Monday, June 4, 2012

Satan Is Alive!

Above is my page from the Mark Rudolph curated MERCYFUL FATE and KING DIAMOND tribute book "Satan Is Alive". This ones gonna be a real killer! Over 150 pages of the most evil interpretations of King ever committed to parchment from some of the comic undergrounds best...check out this list of artists..fore-wards by Scott Carlson of Michigan's own death metal legends REPULSION and the infamous Norwegian metal guru himself, Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell of DARKTHRONE! Pretty freaking cool if you ask me. Cheers to Mark for putting this together, for more info on the book and to check out his fine work take a look at

Tom Neely (Henry & Glenn Forever/The Wolf/Popeye/The Blot)

J. Bennett (Decibel/Terrorizer/Revolver Magazine/Ides of Gemini)
Bruno Guerreiro (Decibel Magzine) 

Kim Holm (Pickman's Model/ Hole in the Sky 2010 Memories) 

Chuck BB (Black Metal Part 1 & 2) 

Tim Sievert (That Salty Air/Clandestinauts)
J.T. Dockery (In Tongues Illustrated)
Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf/ Henry & Glenn Forever and Ever)
Kevin Cross (Barbarian Riot Squad/ Pitch Black/ Nerve Agents)
Johnny Ryan (Prison Pit)
Stephanie Buscema (The Little Tales of otto & Olive/ Web of Spider-Man)
Sara Turner (Ghosts of Pineville)
Nick Green (Decibel Magzine)
Roger Langridge (Popeye/ The Muppet Show/ Fred the Clown/ Snarked!)
Tim Shagrat (Acid Witch)
Ben Marra (Lincoln Washington: Free Man!/Henry & Glenn Forever and Ever)
Vasilis Lolos (The Pirates of Coney Island/Spider-Man Family)

Mark Rudolph (Dagon/ Metal Hammer/ Decibel/ Tombs of the Blind Date)
Also: Danny Martin, Sam Wolf, Dave Acosta, Ali Horn, Kelly Larson, Mark Thompson and Mike Erdody.

With forewords by Scott Carlson (Repulsion/ Death Breath/ Cathedral) and Fenriz (Darkthrone) along with a Mercyful Fate family tree and a few more surprises in store!

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UPDATE: The book is all done and came out wonderfully! :

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  1. I came across this after looking up "Satan is Alive." Looks like you are doing well. Your art has never been less than impressive.