Saturday, December 29, 2012

Acid Witch-Merch Whores!

Bringing you fucked up flashbacks of those shitty LSD micro-dots you did (or still do) back in the day are these brand new Acid Witch designs! A re-tooled "Witchtanic" design for the album repress and then total fucking cheese to the max as Slasher Dave goes nutzoid with these "tributes" to the BEST Halloween film there is (fuck Michael Myers!), HALLOWEEN 3! These colorful shirts are sure to disappoint and  disgust the most dour and generic of the evil/"kvlt"/ doom/ war/ death/ black stoner/ whatever scene! All lovingly brought to you by Hells Headbangers!

"Witchtanic Hellucinations" Repress

Acid Witch's first album "Witchtanic Hellucinations" is now available again courtesy of Hells Headbangers. This version features a new painting on the back cover I did exclusively for this version. The layout has been changed as well so one can easily distinguish between the original pressing and the new one...don't want anyone getting ripped off by unscrupulous bastards selling these as the first press that tend to go for absurd amounts on ebay! Vinyl version is now in the works and should be out soon with some extras...possibly another die-cut?

Spreading The Disease With Infectonator

Logo design for INFECTONATOR, a new sickening thrash / death metal project from Doomy G. Blackthrash of Lansing legends SAURON. It also features current BORROWED TIME axe wizard Matt Prestone and some insane drum work from Justin Henry of DARK PSYCHOSIS among others. I've only seen them once but they ripped through a short set of KREATOR "Terrible Certainty" style face melting metal and did not disappoint! Michigan kills again!