Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hell's Headbash - Part 2

Official commissioned poster for Hell's Headbash Part 2. This will be THE underground metal fest of the year. Don't get caught snoozing. Make your plans for a lovely stay in Cleveland, Ohio now!

Midnight - No Mercy For The World! 2015

Official MIDNIGHT world tour shirt 2015. Grab one at the Midnight merch table after having your face melted by the band at any 2015 Midnight gig!

Midnight Shitfucker

Front and back cover to the Midnight / Shitfucker split ep coming soon on Hell's Headbanger's. The Midwest's most unholy and rotten finally come together to ALL HAIL HELL! Two good tastes that go great together! 

Drinking the Kool-Aid with Rev. Jim Jones

The good Rev. Jim Jones for The Pick Axe Preacher "Birth Of A Cult" DVD. Commissioned work.