Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spooky Tales - Acid Witch / Nunslaughter

After many delays this will finally be out this December! Obviously the art is an homage to the late and great Warren publications who included CREEPY, EERIE and VAMPIRELLA amongst their comic line-up from the 60's to the 80's.
Here's the press release for the record from Hell's Headbangers...

UPDATE! Here's the final product! On tri-color and traditional black vinyl. On sale now at your finer record establishments or pick it up directly from Hell's Headbangers.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Tooth

Cover for issue one of "Tooth", written and illustrated by Jason Tipton. Look for this to be out at the upcoming Detroit Fanfare comic convention in Dearborn at the end of October.

UPDATE: Here's a photo of Tooth writer and illustrator Jason Tipton with the printed issue that my cover graces!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wake Up, Bitch!

Artwork for the up coming vinyl release of Chester N. Turner's "Black Devil Doll From Hell" soundtrack. BDDFH has long tormented the most die-hard fans of underground horror as one of the most elusive and expensive (not to mention mind numbing) VHS tapes around. Words can not even began to describe the trip you'll take watching this...soon to released for the first time ever on DVD by Massacre Video! 
Soundtrack soon to be released on vinyl by Poisoned Mind Records.

UPDATE! Here's the finished product! Looks and sounds great and sold the fuck out in a shocking 24 hours!?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Barbarous Onslaught!

Cover art for BARBARIAN’S (Italy) “Faith Extinguisher”. Former Fenriz “band of the week” that features Borys Crossburn on guitar from the new re-booted CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY line-up. Out soon from DOOMENTIA records.

Update: Here's the final product.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hardcore P.A.W.N Stars!

Logo design for the new Detroit punk band P.A.W.N (aka Payload Of Atomic Warhead Nightmares.)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Witchtrap...Colombian speed dealers come to Detroit!

WITCHTRAP from Medellin, Colombia is no doubt one of the best speed/thrash metal bands in the world and I was stoked to be able to do the exclusive poster for this highly anticipated show. One of only 7 US dates on their first ever tour of the states, Detroit was lucky to land this show. This show will prove to be beyond heavy with SAURON, SHITFUCKER and PERVERSION providing support. No anesthesia will be given to headbangers who bang thy heads against the stage!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013
Doors 7pm, $15 bones

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Deadly Prey - A Prior Priority!

Tribute to the film Deadly Prey. Directed by David Prior and starring his beefcake hunk of a brother Ted, this ass kicker  never let's up! A most righteous film guaranteed to captivate the attention of even the most stoned and jaded shit movie watching party audience!

Livin' On Borrowed Time...

Harken, ye olde maniacal forces! Cover painting for the new Borrowed Time full length. High on concept, this one took a minute to figure out how I was going to approach it. In the end I feel it's a pretty good representation of the music contained within. Rich, layered and filled with lot's of archaic sub-text with a flourish of chaotic energy! Heavy metal is still the law!

Look for this soon from those sturmin' Germans over at High Roller!
UPDATE: Here's the final product....

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Morbid Florist

New work for an upcoming Child Bite project that I can't say too much about right now. This will be a collaboration with Shawn Knight who will be handling the design duties. Check out his awesome work here...We're hoping this will be out by the time Child Bite plays at Phil Anselmo's Housecore horror film festival in Austin this October.
UPDATE: Here's the release...Child Bite with the living legend himself...Mr. Phil Anselmo...covering Anal Cunt songs...now you may understand the image above.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cleveland bound death sentence...

Flier I did for NEKROFILTH for their upcoming record release show. SHITFUCKER will also be making our first (surprisingly) appearance in the city of Cleveland. Also with GASMASK and a very special "scummy" set by the legendary MR. CALIFORINA!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I warned you not to gay out tonight!

I did this image several years ago as a promo piece for Slasher Dave's unreleased soundtrack album "Synthesized Slashings". This may have even been done pre-Acid Witch but I can't remember for sure. If not before AW it was definitely done in the very early conceptual stages of the band. Obviously a play on the art for William Lustig's "MANIAC". Which, in my humble opinion, may be the greatest movie poster of all time. It at least definitely has the best use of a tagline/artwork combo that I've ever seen..."I warned you not to go out tonight..." So lurid and foreboding! But anyways, I digress, so since the record never came out I kinda forgot about this piece but I noticed he's promoting his soundtrack work again and using this piece so it forced me to revisit it as well! I kinda like its rough charm when looking back, and the "gorg" instead of "korg" is fucking retarded. Check out Slasher Dave's 80's sleaze and cheese madness here!

Monday, April 22, 2013

"Storm of Evil" and other news...

 Haven't updated in a while cause I've been busy working on a handful of new album covers. New paintings coming soon for BORROWED TIME (a former Fenriz band of the week! Ohh!), NUNSLAUGHTER, ACID WITCH, CHILD BITE, CONJURO NUCLEAR (Spain), BARBARIAN (Italy, another Fenriz band of the week!) and SHITFUCKER! Also working on a cover for FAILED bassist/singer Jason Tipton's new comic book "The Tooth". Here's the full cover painting (as well as my design idea for the front) for the new PERVERSION full length, "Storm Of Evil", to tide you maniacs over for now!

UPDATE: Finished product...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Witchtanic Hellucinations" vinyl re-press out now!

Vinyl version out now loaded with some ghoulish goodies and terrible treats! Vinyl version comes in a gatefold sleeve and includes a poster and die-cut Halloween decoration as well as having 4 different vinyl colors to choose from (black, purple/green swirl, orange "color in color", and picture disc). Toke on kiddies!

The die-cut Halloween decoration and poster:

Action Show...aftermath

My two pieces that appeared in the Action Show. A poster for Mark Lester's "class"ic 80's exploitation warning on the growing problem of drug fueled punk gangs in our nations schools, the always watchable "Class Of 1984", as well as one for a film that needs no introduction, one of the best movies of all time, the uncompromising Jim Van Bebber's "Deadbeat At Dawn".

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bikers By Day...Ninjas By Night...The Action Show and Miami Connection!

So here's  something sweet that's going on in Michigan...on Saturday, February 2nd @ 10pm the historic Michigan Theater in downtown Ann Arbor will be showing one of my favorite film discoveries of the past year, MIAMI CONNECTION! A true "anti-sanity" masterpiece  recently exhumed from its forgotten grave of obscurity  by the fine folks over at Drafthouse films. Miami Connection may just be the world's best ninja/ biker/ rock and roll film of all time! I saw it for the first time a few months back at a midnight showing on its original theatrical re-lease run at the Main Art in Royal Oak and it had the packed house eating out of it's fucking hand! It seriously blew the minds out of the fucking skulls of the group of hardened and knowledgeable film freaks I saw it with like nobody's business! In honor of its theatrical return, Jeremy Wheeler over at Bang! media has organized an art show/pre-party for one night only before the film! The show is called THE ACTION SHOW and will feature art inspired by the films and aesthetic of 1980's action movies. I will have some new work in the show and possibly some prints to sell. THE ACTION SHOW will be in the Vault Ultra Lounge located inside Ann Arbor's sickest comic shop, The Vault Of Midnight (219 S. Main St. , Ann Arbor, MI, 48104), so come on out and tie a few on before the film!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Metamorphosis

Franz Kafka's classic literary exploration of the existential abyss of being human receives a treatment courtesy of my paint brush...

Shitfucker-Merch Whores pt. 2

New Shitfucker shirts, patches and stickers...this shit sells fast when we print it so check here for availability...Official Shit SS Propaganda

"The Beyond" and "Phantasm" poster prints

Limited edition poster prints... 11x17" on cardstock...gonna be doing some more tributes to some more obscure and forgotten films soon!