Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I warned you not to gay out tonight!

I did this image several years ago as a promo piece for Slasher Dave's unreleased soundtrack album "Synthesized Slashings". This may have even been done pre-Acid Witch but I can't remember for sure. If not before AW it was definitely done in the very early conceptual stages of the band. Obviously a play on the art for William Lustig's "MANIAC". Which, in my humble opinion, may be the greatest movie poster of all time. It at least definitely has the best use of a tagline/artwork combo that I've ever seen..."I warned you not to go out tonight..." So lurid and foreboding! But anyways, I digress, so since the record never came out I kinda forgot about this piece but I noticed he's promoting his soundtrack work again and using this piece so it forced me to revisit it as well! I kinda like its rough charm when looking back, and the "gorg" instead of "korg" is fucking retarded. Check out Slasher Dave's 80's sleaze and cheese madness here!

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