Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Go! Go! Bongzilla!

New poster design / comic page for the upcoming BONGZILLA re-issues on Hydrophonic records. For more info check out the label here http://hydro-phonicrecords.com/

Monday, July 9, 2012

Stay Creepy...

New "fan-art" celebrating one of my favorite painters of all time (Sanjulian) as well as one of my favorite publications of all time (Creepy)! The painting itself measure 30" x 40" on canvas and currently resides in the private collection of Mr. Pete Gibbs, glass artist extraordinaire. The "Creepy" mockup was done by "Slasher" Dave Monastiere. Thanks Dave, it looks killer and quite authentic if I must say. Keep an eye out for more collaborations between Dave and myself with our new horror aesthetics company, HORROR SHRIEK.  Much thanks to the GODLY Manuel "Sanjulian" Clemente for eternal inspiration as well as for the many hours I have spent staring intently at his work with a childlike sense of wonder asking myself "how'd he do that?". A true unsung legend in the fantasy/horror art realm!