Saturday, August 16, 2014

Have you seen these Droids?

Cover for Toronto metal torch takers Droid. Voivodian sci-fi metal in the proud Canadian metal vein. My art reflects some sort of Judge Dredd meets The Terminator battle zone....Paul Dianno's Battlezone.

A Matter of Splatter - An Olaf Ittenbach tribute.

A messy and unstable tribute to Olaf Ittenbach for EVIL SPEAK magazine. If you are unfamiliar with his films I highly suggest a trip to your local Blockbuster or Family Video to rent such family classics as BLACK PAST, THE BURNING MOON and PREMUTOS: LORD OF THE LIVING DEAD tooooonight !

Celtic Frost Tribute - Triumph of Death

Preview of some work for Mark Rudolph's upcoming graphic tribute to the legends Celtic Frost and 
all that came before.