Saturday, August 13, 2016

Acid Witch - Psycho Roadshow 2016

Flier and Poster art for The Psycho Roadshow 2016 with ACID WITCH, THE COSMIC DEAD, TALES OF MURDER AND DUST and HIGHLANDS...all ending up at the amazing Psycho Las Vegas Fest 2016!

Brian Paulin's Bone Sickness

Painting for Manor Video's release of Brian Paulin's underground zombie splatter fest BONE SICKNESS from 2004. This is for the VHS re-release. Check out the DVD that Unearthed Films put out as well! It's a real fun and bloody flick and to top it off the whole thing has a dedication to Quorthon from Bathory at the end!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Strong Arm

Poster and design work for Detroit filmed action flick "Strong Arm". Directed by Anthony Moran for Independent American Pictures it proves to be a gritty throwback to the hard boiled revenge flicks of the 70's like Rolling Thunder, Vigilante and Death Wish. Check out the trailer here  and follow the facebook here

Nightmare Concert - Cat In The Brain

Tribute to the late great gut muncher maestro Lucio Fulci and his introspective self-examination that is "The Cat In The Brain". 

The Demon Lover - The Devil Master

Artwork for EvilSpeak magazine issue #5

1977's "The Demon Lover" aka "The Devil Master" 
Directed by Donald G. Jackson
Filmed in Jackson, Michigan