Monday, July 28, 2014

Midnight - Evil like the Knife for Life !

Stills from the upcoming Midnight video that I have been privileged to work on with famed music video director Louis Perchikoff. Louis has worked with all the greats! Among them Michael Jackson, Gary Glitter and Dave Holland from Judas Priest... and of course Shitfucker! Video coming soon...beware the chimes of HELLLLL !

No Mercy For The Midwest !

Tour poster for Black Rock 'n' Roll masters Midnight.  Cumming along for the ride will be special (ed) guests Shitfucker on this mid-west tour of torture!! This is the last leg of this tour that has ripped through many USA hellhole's during the spring and summer of 2014 so make sure to up the irons on these one's 'ya filthy dogs !!

Conjure a Nuclear Spell

Illustration for Spain's Conjuro Nuclear. A hard to describe project from the mysterious Xavi...a gloomy mix of goth, early black metal and primitive Fabio Frizzi style keyboards. Check it out ya' gore whores!

Shit Ripper

Some serious sleaze for this one.